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Client Questions Answered – How do I choose a web agency to create my website?

Here are 10 Things to consider when choosing an agency to create your website

toptenthingstoconsider1 – look at their website and the examples in their portfolio. Is the design quality what you are looking for? Most agencies put a link to their website in the footer of sites they create. Have these sites (or some of them at least) got a link to the agency that has included them in their portfolio? If not they may be using someone else’s work to try to impress you!

2 – Who have they worked for? Have they experience in your sector or of the kind of website you are looking to create?

3 – Have they examples of responsive or mobile-specific websites they have created? Websites must work on mobile devices now, or you will alienate a large number of website visitors.

4 – Read any testimonials they display. Do they vary in tone and structure. If not they may be false.

5 – Do they have a team with a range of experience and skills. Coders are never designers and vice-versa. You need both to create a website. A dedicated point of contact/project manager will make communication easier. Do they provide this?

6 – Will the website be built on a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or Drupal? This will allow you to change and add content without going to the web agency and paying them.

7 – If the website requires functionality beyond that of a brochure site, do they have a range of experience in these areas? E.g. ecommerce or membership level ability.

8 – Can they support the website after go-live? For example, do they offer hosting, maintenance or support packages?

9 – Have they experience in search engine optimisation, digital marketing or social media integration? It is imperative to design and create content with this in mind. There is no point in creating a beautiful looking or highly functional website if you cannot be found in online searches or via social media channels.

10 – Most importantly, is it easy to reach them, do they respond quickly to emails, do you like them? You and the agency will need to work together to achieve the website you want and need. If, when you meet them, you do not feel some sort of affinity, you may struggle to work together, leading to a long, drawn out and potentially unpleasant process. Work with people you like and trust.

We hope these points prove to be helpful, please add a comment below with any questions or thoughts, we will respond promptly.