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Do you need your SEO ‘done’?

search engine optimisationI was attending a networking event recently and someone I was chatting with said to me “So your company does web stuff. That’s good, because I need the SEO on my website done!” I raised an eyebrow and over the course of the following ten minutes explained why SEO is never ‘done’.

There was a time when we would routinely have done one-off SEO work for clients, but now avoid this. Why? Because anything you do will only address one of the many aspects of improving the clients visibility in search engine listings. The client then had false expectations that come next week, or next month, they will miraculously hurdle over their competitors online and be on the first page of Google for their chosen keywords.

Sure we can help with researching and writing optimised web copy, keyword rich and engaging for your visitors. We can make sure the site is efficiently coded such that you get the maximum benefit for those keywords in the eyes of Google and you also don’t do anything to annoy Google, such as the canonical issue (more about that in another post!). We can optimise different ‘landing pages’ for specific keywords and phrases, so each page is found for the relevant keyword search. You can’t do everything with your homepage! If you have several offers or services you need to optimise specific pages for the desired and researched keywords.

This is the start, with the use of Google Analytics and webmaster tools (and a few others) it is possible to tracks the performance of specific keywords for visitors to your website and online searches and continue the optimisation process. What you think will work best usually isn’t what does in reality. The picture changes over time and it is important to monitor the situation and be reactive. Regularly adding new and keyword rich links and content are vital. So you really need to have a blog or news section that you update on a regular basis.

But of course your website content isn’t everything. You need to consider the routes users can take to your website. Directory listings, social media visibility and link building campaigns are vital components in any effective SEO strategy (again more in a later post).

So if you want some help with your search engine optimisation and building an effective web presence in general, please look at our SEO packages, drop us a line or give us a call!