We are committed to providing a controlled and precise process for completing all website design projects. The stages are outlined below:

1 – Initial questionnaire. This covers some of the obvious questions and therefore saves time at the preliminary meeting. It also highlights any extra requirements, such as logo design.

2 – Preliminary meeting with client(s). This will include a design requirements analysis to ascertain key information required to begin the project and provide a detailed quote, with scope of work, project plan and requirements.

3 – Project startup – after the acceptance of the quotation and payment of a deposit, we begin work on the project.

4 – Creation of website design(s). These will be provided to the client for comments and approval.

5 – Development of the website. The website, using the agreed design(s), will be produced. This may require input from the client to produce original images and text.

6 – Approval from the client and detailed testing. At Verulam Web Design we are committed to good practise and therefore test all our sites thoroughly for browser compatibility and search engine friendliness.

7 – Site goes live. After full testing and approval the finished site will be enabled and ‘go-live’.

8 – Maintenance, updates and content creation. A website is never ‘done’, content is king and we help clients through blog post creation, social media updates, design changes, added functionality, security monitoring and much more.

Of course we frequently modify this process depending on client and project requirements. For example, where we work in partnership with graphic designers, they will be responsible for stage 4.

We are committed to working within the Prince2 and Agile project management methodologies, to ensure projects are delivered to the agreed quality and scope, but with maximum flexibility and minimal risk.