At Verulam we believe that the days of being just a ‘web design’ agency are over. We embrace all of digital, from graphic design, through website design and development, app design and development and marketing, from content creation through optimisation for search engines.

Our clients increasingly understand the importance of not just the design of an attractive and accessible website, but creating a website that has been developed to provide a range of functionality to engage and enrich the user experience. Creating a website is only part of the process.

The site must be optimised for search engine visibility and speed. This we do as part of the initial design and development phase. The website needs to be hosted and maintained as an ongoing process, including database backups and ongoing improvements. The website and the products/services offered needs to be actively promoted – utilising social media and video, email marketing and link building campaigns. The concept of web presence and online visibility is particularly crucial for ecommerce websites, where the clients’ website is their business. We also offer web copywriting services to maximise the impact of keyword-rich text for search engines and to engage with website visitors.

Increasingly we are asked to provide project management support for larger projects, both by clients and other web agencies. We now also design and develop mobile apps for a range of businesses and clients keen to take their app idea to market. We are willing to partner with clients, with shared ownership, in some cases.

We provide the full range of services required to create, maintain and improve our clients web presence. We do this, not only for local businesses, in St Albans and Hertfordshire generally, but increasingly for clients across the UK.  Please view our portfolio and contact us so we can do the same for you!

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