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Why do websites go down in search results?

A common question for us to Why has my website gone down in the rankingsbe asked is ‘why a website goes down in Google, Bing or Yahoo search results?’. There are a huge number of reasons, but here are some of the most common ones:

1 – The ‘honeymoon’ effect. New websites can rise rapidly in searches, but if you do not continue to add new content or solve any issues that Google finds, the ranking will drop within a few months  to the natural position for the website. Again point is you need to continue to work on your SEO, or you will go backwards.

2 – You have been penalised by Google. Google has found things it doesn’t like. There are many things Google can penalise you for, e.g. the canonical issue, broken links within your website, duplicate content etc. It is imperative to monitor, through a variety of online tools, what Google thinks of your website, it’s coding, structure and content.

3 – Inaccessible content. It is important to make sure you have a sitemap of all the pages on your website and tell Google about it. You also need to generate a robot.txt file that tells Google which content it should (and should not!) access and list in searches. Google may well find all the pages on your site, but telling them makes sure of it and allows them to flag up any issues that can then be solved.

4 – Slow page load time. All hosting is not equal. A lot of shared hosting is on poor specification and overloaded servers and therefore the sites load slowly. If visitors wait more than a few seconds for pages to load the leave (known as the ‘bounce rate’). This is obviously bad in terms of client engagement and user experience, but Google also now considers the load time in it’s rankings

5 – Google has changed it’s algorithm. They do it regularly. The web does not stand still and nor do they and nor should you!

And here is the big one:

6 – You are not making enough effort. Obviously people only want their sites to move up in online searches, but of course for every site that goes up, one must go down. So the first and most obvious reason is your competitiors have made more effort than you to improve their SEO. There are lots of things you can do to improve what Google thinks of you. Add new content, create a YouTube channel and make a video, then put it on the website, preferably the homepage etc.

Her’s a video that explains how Google actually does a search: