Social Media and Video Marketing Services

According to a recent global report, the vast majority (95%+) of marketers saw that their social media efforts increased exposure for their business. Tactics and the best ways to engage their audience with social media are the most common questions we hear from organisations, and this is exactly where we can help.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are just a few of the more established platforms. Now we’re starting to see an increase in benefits from newer sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Google’s very own social media platform Google+.

No longer can a business think solely in terms of their website and how it performs in keyword searches. People will find information and links to your business from many sources, but none more than social media profiles. An effective strategy to utilise social media in building a web presence is no longer a good idea, it is imperative to maximise sales leads, traffic to your website and your overall online visibility.

At Verulam, we work with our clients to ensure consistent branding across the social media platforms, keyword rich content, effect strategies to increase “likes” and “follows” and integration with client websites.


Google loves video, so much so that it bought YouTube back in 2006! It’s not only an engaging and accessible medium for providing information, it is a powerful search engine optimisation tool.

Benefits of Video Optimisation

  • Getting each video ranked for specific keywords
  • Making videos visible through Google blended search for desired keywords
  • Increasing number of views and subscribers
  • Converting views into traffic to your website and into telephone enquiries
  • Ensuring that video relates to top performing videos of competitors
  • “Monopolising” views within specific niche and/or geographical areas

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