Digital Marketing Strategy Planning Services

Digital marketing refers to all types of marketing that makes use of electronic devices to engage with existing clients, prospective customers and other stakeholders, and is very quickly growing as an industry.

More and more, marketers are turning away from “traditional” marketing channels and focusing an increased effort on digital marketing due to the high return on investment it has the potential to yield.


Aside from, on average, a higher return on investment than “traditional” marketing, digital marketing has many benefits, including:

  • Levelling the marketing playing field between larger and smaller competitors
  • Reduced cost/cost-effective
  • Simple to measure
  • Real time results
  • Easy to tweak and refine your strategy as you go
  • Brand development
  • Far greater exposure
  • Easy for advocates to share information about you
  • Not intrusive
  • Greater engagement from clients and feedback

What We Do

Here at Verulam we have the team to cover every aspect of your digital marketing efforts, from full-blown strategy, implementation and ongoing evaluation, to one-off support with your campaign.

Working to your specific objectives, we create bespoke plans to suit not only your needs, but to make the most of your budget.

Whenever possible, we ensure your digital marketing communications are fully integrated with each other, in order to boost your overall results and return.

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