Why creating a website is like buying a car


I like cars, I also like websites (duh!). I suppose I’m a bit of a petrol head. I rode motorcycles for 10 years before getting my first car (an old Datsun 120Y for £50). Since then I’ve had several cars, upping my budget each time till, in my late forties, I bougth a 2004 Mazda RX-8. I’ve always liked them and realised I could actually afford one and it does what I need. I still have it and use it day to day.

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At Verulam Web Design we are passionate about improving our clients’ web presence. Many businesses come to us because they get little or no business from their website and wonder why. So we are now offering a FREE half-hour web presence review for anyone interested in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their online presence.

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